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Doers and Hearers

James Mitchell, Jonathan Sher, Dr Sue Northrop, Dr Katherine Trebek, John Carnochan. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is … Continue reading

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Constitutional Groundhog Day

By Professor James Mitchell Controversy surrounding English Votes for English Laws reminds us that the issues involved are as old as debates on home rule.  The dangers of instituting change in one constituent part of the UK without taking adequate … Continue reading

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Ahead of 2016 elections, the SNP has more pressing issues than IndyRef 2

By Professor James Mitchell With the weakest opposition in Holyrood since devolution and riding high in the polls, the SNP can probably look forward to another period in office next year. The focus of most attention, especially amongst its opponents, … Continue reading

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Making Work Pay: From Crafting Tools to Downing Tools

By Daniel Clegg In recent times the need to ‘make work pay’ has become increasingly central to the Conservative Party’s rhetoric on welfare reform, as it seeks to stake out a new political centre and define itself as the ‘true … Continue reading

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The UK government strengthens its ability to deal with devolution

By Daniel Kenealy Without any fanfare, the UK government has carried out a mini machinery of government change in Whitehall. The result is a new group within the Cabinet Office, called the UK Governance Group. You’d be forgiven for not … Continue reading

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No, Prime Minister: What roles does the House of Commons play in UK foreign policy?

This blog is reposted from Edinburgh University’s Politics & International Relations blog. By Juliet Kaarbo and Daniel Kenealy Following the recent UK drone attacks in Syria, the House of Commons may once again vote on the UK’s role in the … Continue reading

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